Hey, this just came randomly to me, but I was just wondering when thinking about getting a new tattoo do you think about where to get it first or the design and tattoo itself?

like i said just a random thought that im interested in how other people decide upon their tattoos


I start with the imagery, trying to build it in my head. The layout of the scene then pretty much dictates the availability of locations to put it.


My best tattoos have come this way. Find the right artist for the style of tattoo I want. Next tell the artist my idea give him/her full liberties on it. sit down and get several hours of a needle jabbing ink into my skin.


i start by picking the tattoo i want go to a shop and pay them to tattoo me


For me I always have the idea of what I want in the back of my head. I follow that up with locating an artist. Those are the fairly easy parts. Teh nexy and in my opinion most important is to find a clean shop. If i see an obsurd amount of flash on the walls and many pople picking from them I usually leave. If I see an autoclave machine that is an automatic no for me. I want any needle used on me to be right out of the package. So once I find all of my requirements I sit with the artist and tell them what I am looking for and if they are creatvie with me rathr than creatvie for me I usually get started.


For me it’s worked both ways. I have tattoos where I knew what I wanted and then considered placement and now I know where I want to get something but am trying to figure out a design that will fit well.

pete28;93030 wrote:
If I see an autoclave machine that is an automatic no for me. I want any needle used on me to be right out of the package.

Really there are a lot of parts that need to be sanitized besides needles. It is almost an automatic that needles are disposable anymore. I see an autoclave as a good thing and would be frightened if a place didn’t have one. While I really don’t want to see it in the front room I want to see it in their clean room.


Any one of my Artists get 100% freedom from me.



First, I have the design in mind ~ something I really really want. Then, I spend a year or so begging my husband to let me get it. Then, I search for an artist, meet with the artist and go over designs, schedule appointment for the tattoo, go over the design to be sure it is what I want & then I sit very still so I get a good tattoo! ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is how my next tattoo is going down. I think my husband has said yes, but he has a bit of an attitude about it, but anyway, I’ve got my plans for a memorial tattoo on my back. I hope all works out for me! ๐Ÿ™‚


An idea comes to mind for a piece……….I have heard the advice that you should wait a period of 3-6 months and see if the idea is still a good idea befire inking it, sometimes spur of the moment stuff doesnt sound so good later……….I plan a spot and keep planning the image in my head, in a few weeks if it still seems right I choose my artist.
then I vfisit my artist and talk about the idea, see if the image is going to work well as a tattoo. if things sound good, I book it


My first tattoo was all about the design – I knew what I wanted.

Now that I have one, I have been thinking about a potential #2 and right now I’m stuck. I’m struggling with should the design/art be tied to my first in some form (themed overall) or should it just be whatever I want without regard to the first one.

At this stage location is easy. First one is upper right arm, 2nd one would be upper left arm (still want easy coverage with a short sleeved shirt. I’m in no way ready for a more readily visible tattoo whether it be a sleeve or lower leg (shorts), at least that’s my thinking today.

Once decided, then it’s a search for a reputable clean shop combined with an artist with a strong potforlio that would make me comfortable that the artist can do what I want.


Ive always just gotten what I wanted……….I never did theme, I htink youve seen my album, it didnt work out too bad………..I dont want to get something just so it will go with something else, there is no good meaning in that kind of conformity to me


Need some clarification, are you asking about where on the body? Or what artist/shop to go to?

I ask because there are some artisits on my list that I would give free reign to come up with the design and wherever it would look best on my body and I would never ask the question.

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