im facing a painfull situation(physically) for the last 6 years, which also got me this nice surgery scars on each forearm.
im considering an arm tattoo(not wrap the arm, but visible with short sleeves(tshirt), and mostly on the outer+biceps), and would really like a direction as it will cost less and save the artist alot of time.
i want something visual and something that i know that represent pain, preferbly a show of pain(like a person in pain) and not something vaguely representing “overcoming”and “risen” like a risen phoenix. (i didnt even know it relates to pain untill people told me).

i prefer a character in pain(not religious), And only have one idea-a skinnier atlas trying to lift the weight of the world/even a rock, squating a little and sweating yet giving a little grinde/smile as he shows that even though he is in much pain he still accept it with a smile.
actually any show of dealing with pain physically and trying to lift/move a big weight will do it, like trying to push the weight and not necessarily lifting.
i am sure that i want a character, preferably human and not a represantation of pain/dealing like a risen phoenix or something.
i failed to find the perfect picture to show a tattoo artist and would appreciate any ideas.
i want it to have some colors, but now even sure what it should be even.


buttwheat;88622 wrote:

Well yes its my post……
i failed to get good ideas and have an appointment tommorow and would really like to come with an idea.
i actually just learned about this forum here, and saw its more active, so hoped for another prespective and opinions.

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