I had a drawing done for a tattoo and asked if it could be smaller and he said it couldn’t due to it losing detail and it would not look right. I have read that if they say this they aren’t good tattoo artists. Is this necessarily true?


Ink spreads a bit in your body as your tattoo ages – this is normal and there’s no way around it. Doing a tattoo too small is a good way to guarantee wearing a blob later in life. It’s of course hard to say for sure without seeing the picture you’re talking about and knowing how small you’re trying to get it, but chances are the artist is trying to keep you from making a mistake by going to small. Additionally, when it comes to tattoos, bigger almost always looks better.


It does not mean the artist isn’t good. It means just what he said. The smaller the less detailed it can be to not be a blobby mess now or in the long run.
Go big!


It depends on the design but sounds like what you read is wrong, not the artist.


No, what he said sounds reasonable.

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