Im thinking of getting my first tattoo this weekend. Wanting to get it on my inner forearm probably a quote or something. I was wondering if anyone here good with Photoshop or something could come up with a nice one. My idea is something in script or nice lettering that wont cost to much. I found two nice quotes in songs i like and they are.

One Life, One Time, Lets Make Things Right
And you were the one that taught me that giving up was never an option.

I figure im getting a tat no matter what just want it to mean something and i want to be able to look at it always and have it remind me to never lose hope or give up but i also want it to look good. THanks for any help


You’re going to decide on a tattoo and then have it inked on Saturday? I usually find a design I like, then keep it for at least 6 months, if I still like it then I get it. It sounds like you will regret this because you’re rushing into it. Anyways it’s probably better getting your tattoo artist to make up the writing for you, he/she may suggest a way it can be improved (to flow with your body or have shading in some way). And make sure the tattoo has correct grammar (“This Looks Kinda Dumb With The Random Capitalization”).


I’d recommend thinking out your idea a bit more and definitely not get your inner forearm done just yet. Forearms are one of the areas likely to limit your employment opportunities, and even though you say you want your tattoo to mean something, you also said you’re definitely getting tattooed on Saturday… which to me says you want a tattoo just to have a tattoo. It’s on you forever. Think it over. Also consider the fact that you might want to get sleeved out later on… and giant quotes don’t tend to look awesome in sleeves.


Go for it. please come back with pics


Ive actually been thinking about this for a solid year. It was gonna be a graduation present, but was gonna be dedicated to my grandma who passed away. That was a complete different idea and i plan on still coming up with something nice to remind me of her, but i plan on that to be much bigger so im definitely gonna take my time on that.

The past few months though ive been bouncing these ideas through my head and for now i want something small that i can look down at after the next 25 years and be like thats right those were my feelings than and now.

Im gonna think about it more for sure after reading your comments. How much you think something like that would run for just so i can get an idea.


Cost varies greatly from artist to artist so it’s hard to tell. Take your time and research a good artist and set an appointment when you’re comfortable. Chances are if you do this as a walk-in it won’t be very good. And if cost is that much of an issue you should wait until you’re not as worried about it. Cheap, discount tattoos aren’t good!

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