Anyone heard of using a small blow-torch type of apparatus to burn scar tissue designs into the skin? If not you can google “burn tattoos” and check out the images page. I’d consider one but don’t know where to go. Is there a name for this technique that perhaps I don’t know? Maybe I’d have better luck finding a shop that does it if I was googling the right phrase?


i believe its called scarification or branding. id check with shops that do more of the “extreme” body modifications, ie tounge splitting and whatnot


To my knowledge, scarification is done with very sharp tools, so that must be branding.. although I’ve never heard of that and it sounds bloody painful!

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yea with scarification they cut out a design from your skin with a scalpel. i figured if he was going for the scarred look he now has 1 more option haha


Freakin’ OUCH!


The only thing i know of involving a “burn” to create a design is called Branding, done similar to the way they brand cows. However i dont think there are many people who are skilled at performing this. It also doesnt seem like a very good idea. Alot of pain for something that will probably look pretty ugly in the end.

Also, BMEzine has a whole section of pictures of branding and scarification, which you can look at if you have an account.

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