Hi guys,
I decided to get the wordings “WHEREVER THE WIND TAKES ME” on my leg as it kinda suited with my character. Later after doing some research i decided to get it on my back like this.

the wind

The script used is Edwardian and will have angel wings on both sides. But I cannot find any good designs for the angel wings for these wordings. I would really like your help for this.

Thank You:)

Sakura Bodyart

Sounds like you need to have an artist that can just go ahead and draw it on for you. You’re best going into a studio and having a consultation with someone to decide what is the best approach to take. Your back is a large canvas so you’re probably looking at quite a lot of work needing to be done unless you were wanting something that resembles ‘parrot wings’ 😀 Ask around a bit in the studios around your area, look at thier portfolios,take any reference you might have with you, get thier take on it and sooner or later you’ll click with someone and get the work you want. Don’t rush into it and you’ll be sure to make the right decisions. 🙂

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