E. Nice

I’m not just talking about flowers–I mean all out girly, sweet, sugary, pink, flowers, bows, diamonds, etc.–in one amazing rib piece.

Are there any artists that you know of in the NYC area who do “girly” or “feminine” tattoos very well?

I would love a recommendation for a consult or two.


I’m sure there’s some in the NY area and given some time maybe I can come up with a few but in the mean time how about Phil Young at Hope Gallery in New Haven CT. I think he does some of the nicest flowers I’ve seen and is very versatile in various styles.


Obviously there are many great artists in NY but most seem to do old school, traditional style tattoos or Japanese or horror influenced, I’m struggling thinking of artists doing real feminine work. Maybe see what you think of Virginia Elwood or Sarah Schor at NY Adorned:

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