I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet, due to the fact that although I’ve wanted one for years… I’m a strong believer that you should really think about the tattoos you want before you get them.
For awhile now I’ve been thinking of getting a Navi tattoo from the Legend of Zelda.
Also, an anchor with the ropes shaped like a heart.

But, lately I realized the most personally meaningful tattoo I could get that would remind me to keep my soul free. Break out of the jail I’ve set myself in for so many years. Just wondering if anybody has any advice, ideas, or photos to help me out. Thanks guys.


I think that one is extraordinarily beautiful and elegant, but I don’t want it on my back. Mostly, because I want to be able to see it and be reminded of it.


What about your ribcage? Also, it might be a good idea to add to the cage, whether it’s color, a background, or birds etc.. Maybe birds flying out of the cage to still give you the symbolic meaning of the tattoo as well as a deeper image. Just some thoughts, but I think it’s a good idea regardless of what you decide, and definitely think about exactly what you want before you decide to get it.. 😮

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