After last week, i gained a new appreciation for tattoo artists. Well it was a weird way to gain it but hey. I was working on my pumpkin, and i had to get the outline done. So i sat there for an hour or so, using a 21 gauge needle poking thousands of holes to get the outline done. It took all of my concentration, my vision got blurry from time to time, and i just got flat out sore (sitting on the floor with a pumpkin= bad posture). I now greatly appreciate any tattoo artist after dealing with just a hand poked outline.

Most of you may think this is retarded but ill post the outline i did, and how i wiped food coloring over the holes to get an outline. And hey might as well show the finished pumpkin.



Halo reach pumpkin for a contest online:


So maybe this can be thank an artist thread?


That’s pretty awesome, I must say. Good job!


Hey thats really cool! It would be awesome in print in a frame.

Being an artist is a hard job, mental draining, can be physically draining as well, we have to sit in the same position sometimes for hours….anyone who thinks it’s a piss easy job can think again.
I’m exhausted at the end of my day, and then I have to go home and be a mum, cook, cleaner……and the list goes on

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