It’s been a while since I’ve posted here…

Anyway, my birthday is coming up (well, not really), and I’m going to get my first tattoo, so I’m starting to save up. I’m going to get an Oni (inspired by this) holding an hourglass with a skull in the sand on the top of the hourglass. I plan on putting it on my right shoulder blade, but I’m fine with it taking up more of my back if it needs to.

I was wondering how much do you think a tattoo like this would cost? I plan on having it black and grey.


Ask the tattoo shop your going to

Morwin Nerdbane

A tattoo with that much detail will not fit on your shoulder blade or it’ll look rubbish.

Price will depend on the artist you go to. My guy is amazing and is only £60 an hour but some people are shit and cost £150. Don’t choose an artist on expense cos it doen’t mean (s)he’ll be any good. If you want the tattoo enough price shouldnt be an issue but just ask your artist.

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