My surname is Broxup. A quite unique name in my opinion, I was thinking of getting this tattood across the top of my back in old english style writing. I have a pretty muscley back and was wondering you guys think this would look good or bad? Im just after opinions.


unless you have a condition that makes you forget who you are or you are a really dedicated football player I don’t really see the point of getting your name tattooed to you. Add the old english to it and you would fit in at any trailer park in America.

If this is what you really want, go for it, but I don’t think you are going to find too much excitement here a about it. It’s pretty unimaginative and common.

Just my .02, and remember, I’m just some stranger from the internet… do you really care what I think?


Your name may be unique, but tattooing it across your back is not.
There are far more exciting things you can put on your back while still incorporating your heritage.


you could do some research on your family and if your family has a coat of arms, you could have that put on your back.


I would avoid putting your name acrossed your back. I know too many people that have gotten that done and now regret it. Plus it’s not the easiest thing to get covered up.


Hey I was wondering since I have muscles I should get the same tat that every other guy that has muscles has? Maybe something unoriginal, unartistic or something that I should do because only tough cool people get tattoos and I want to be that way.

Don’t do it!!!


I really don’t get why ppl feel the need to put their own names on their bodies, sorry. I wouldn’t do it.

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