What does white ink look like on white skin? would be next to black ink. The idea is the outline of a star. 3 lines thick. Black White Black.

Thanks in advance


The white will need more frequent touch-ups and will probably end up fading to a piss-yellow.


A friend of mine tattooed on her tanned skin. I have to say that is beautiful with tanned and white contrast. I should get a picture from her and share it here.

As for white skin, I am not too sure. I afraid your tattoo won’t “stand out” with white tattoo.


White ink in my experience is a total waste of time, unfortunately my current artist uses it alot :rolleyes: looks terrific when 1st done but within a few weeks it starts to dissapear, then within a few months its gone completely, not sure why she uses it so much in her designs but I’m kinda pissed off as the white is fully gone within a 6 month period, personally I would stay clear of white it suks!


hummm that sucks. Yeah my skin is white.. but its not pale. You would think it would look like white pain on you, that would stand out


on most skin, white turns to a muddy kind of brownish tint. on fair skin ive seen some white that was super vibrant.


I just had my tattoo done about a week and a half ago and I have some white in my tiger that is already turning to a light yellow. Figured iti would have taken longer to turn. I go back in mid september for my next session. Will see what he can do to limit the white.

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