smll boy

so i got this tat about two months ago and i dont think it turned out to good. initially the guy missed a bunch of lines in the banner and shillaly (as seen ion the one pic) and then i got a touch up from him a few weeks ago to fix the mistakes (pic labeled rework) and it was a bad situation he was doing new lines in the wrong thickness, still leaving lines out, messing up lines, and coping an attitude. long story short im not going back to him ever again.

here are my questions:

1. can i add color in the shaded portions (dark brown in the shillaly, dark brass color for the brass knuckles, and green for the clovers)

2. if i cant color it what type of details can i add to the tat to really set it off






For the record, it doesn’t look horrible. most of the lines are ok and it’s clear what it is… it could be a lot, I mean A LOT worse.

I’m not an artist or anything but as far as I can tell the best color comes from tattooing color over black and grey so not only can it be done but it should really pop when it’s finished. You need to find someone good with color though and tip them well for finishing another artists work.


definatly. my oni mask had some pretty dark black shading, this past session my artist put brown over it, for the mask color, and it is definatly brown. Turned out really good.

I think the brass color on the brass knuckles would look really great. Are you gonna color the shamrocks?

smll boy

i appreciate the responses so far and welcome more

thats good to hear about the color because i really want to feel good about this tattoo and i think the right coloring and so touchup of lines would finish it

Gsouder, thats the hard part, so far i haven’t gone back to an artist for any more work

ljfran2383, yeah i think the brass knuckles would look great with some brass coloring and yes, i am definetly hoping to get the shamrocks colored


In fairness to the artist there really doesn’t appear to be much wrong with your tattoo. I mean if I were being really picky then I guess the lines could be a bit sharper and it could use a bit more contrast. But all things considered, most people would be very happy with a tattoo like that.

You mention you’ve never been back to the same artist twice? I wonder if you have unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved with the tattoo medium? Even the best tattoo will have some imperfections, some are the artists fault, some are down to events during healing, some are a result of the individuals skin and skin tone.

I agree with the above though, a bit of colour would really make it pop. 🙂

Good luck


why are you nitpicking? the line work is clean. be glad you have a good tattoo and move on to the next one!


i agree with above. this is not a bad tattoo at all. I like it a lot. get it colored, post pics.:D


It looks good imo, but i agree could looks better and stand out more with some colour in it.

From what i’ve heard coloursing over shading can actually look great and can be done.

smll boy

i realize no tattoo is perfect and i may be nitpicking alittle, but i still think this tattoo is unfinished to an extent and would be made better with a few added lines and if able coloring. The whole touch-up situation is what really put me off about this artist.

i appreciate the responses

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