i had been planning to get a japanese themed sleeve for awhile now that i finally have the money to get it done i have no clue what should be in the sleve. so can someone give some ideas about what i should put in my sleeve.


im looking for the same answers mate


you should be asking your artist that. the most common things in traditional japanese sleeves are, but not limited to:

– wind bars
– waves
– koi
– lotus and/or peony
– dragons
– rocks
– clouds

EDIT: forgot geishas, samurai, hanya


I agree with the yodaddy. You might want to do some research before you go also. Japanese tattooing all have stories and meaning behind them. Really the best place to start is google. To add to the list of things, there are tons of deitys and gods in japanese tattooing. Like the god of wind and the god of thunder.
Also different animals represent different traits. Honestly a list of things could be endless. Did you have a question on a specific animal or design? Im really into japanese tattooing myself and might have answers for you. keep us posted and good luck.



The dargon would be the first one to come to mind for obvious reasons,its strength, fierceness, wisdom, sprit and mystery, also the magnificent Tora (tiger) in its many strong poses and the Hou-ou (phoenix) with its colourful tail feathers.
And yet there are many more similary strong, wise, mischievous and mysterious creatures that often get overlooked. For instance there is the Kirin, a mythical horse with the scales of a dragon that is said to bring prosperity and righteousness. Foo dog, the lion dog is the protecter of temples, shrines and homes in the Shinto tradition and are usually seen in pairs. The Kappa is a river dwelling mischievous creature that sometimes kidnaps and eats children along the riverbank.
Fujin and Raijin are the respective Shinito storm gods revered all over Japan, conjuring lightning, thunder and wind by beating Raijins drums and Fujin releasing the storm from his giant windbag that he carries over his back, they look like evil demons and are said to be the oldest Shinto gods who were present at the creation of the world.

Theres a few ideas, hope that helped


Unicorns and those creatures from planet of the apes make great Japanese tattoos. Look it up!

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