i dont usuaully post much on this forum but i thought id share this. im 15 and for school i was told to find a place for work experience and art is the only thing has has held my interest for most of my life so far. so i wanted to go somewere that would be of use to me. so i went into white dragon tattoo studio in Belfast. they told me they didnt take people for work experience as the last person just lay sleeping lol.

i told them about my interest for art and tattooing. they told me to bring my work in and after that, they agreed to take me on for a week. its now wednesday and iv been going in everyday since monday, sitting in on tattoos being done, sketching, looking through books, learning the workings of a studio and learning how to sterilize grips etc. im realy enjoying it so far even though i havent got much to do but all the same it is a great experience especially since the artists are absolutely outstanding!

check the place out on myspace or facebook. “white dragon tattoo Belfast”:cool:


That’s a sick shop.


Congratulations on the opportunity.
I would love to do something like that.

And this guy does some very very nice work.

[Witty Phrase]

I love their work, really like the traditional japanese stuff. Getting my leg sleeve done of japanese traditional in the next 2 weeks.

Living life 4 hours at a time.

yep Chris does some really good japanese stuff. hes in japan at the minute getting a sleeve finished off by the one and only shige! although the other artist is good aswell he gets more general tattoos to do for people but still, his work is of amazing quallity. today was good, i got a one – on – one tutorial with the apprentice on photoshop and how they use it for tattoos. i also was taught some really handy drawing techniques. im actually quite sad to be leaving tomorro lol. 🙁

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