Trashy or Classy.

Ive been considering getting one on the inside of my left thigh. Thoughts? 🙂 any pin-up girl tattoos people want to share? I like the old 50’s style with a modern twist…I love Katy Perry.


Im new here so take my advice for what you think it worth.

It all depends on the artist. Ive seen really classy pinup girl tats, and Ive seen really trashy pinup girl tats. Its all about finding that right artist. Or atleast it is in my opinion.


nothing is trashy when done right. check out gil elvgren portraits for reference and depending where youre from shane oneil and/or mike devries will do a great job.

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They are cool, especially if they are in color.


All depends on the artist. I think pinup busts are awesome…like Sailor Jerry style. Full body pinups can either be nice or stupid tho. Cartoon looking ones are pretty lame…while realistic or old school ones are pretty cool.


I love pinup tattoos. I’m getting one soon on my right leg. I think they are really classy if they are done right, and have meaning behind them for you. I say go for it. What kind theme are you wanting for your pinup?


well……….i imagine that anyone guy getting a look at the inside of your thigh isn’t going to be focusing on the tattoo………….;)


Here’s mine. Original art by Gil Elvgren, tattoo by Shane O’Neill:

Also, check out some by Xavi Garcia:

Or more cartoonish styles:
http://www.stinkymonkeytattoos.com/tonyciavarro/tattooed.html (Tony Ciavarro)
http://www.joecapobianco.com/ (Joe Capobianco)

For original art, look up Gil Elvgren or Alberto Vargas.


Have a look at David Cordens pin ups. the guy is just to die for.
I will get a pair from him as soon as I can.


I have what I think is a pretty nice pinup from Shane O’Neill in my album but I noticed this thread was started last June so I decided not to repost it.


i just got my first pinup tat and its a betty page i told the artist her inspriration was the katy peery california girls music video when she had first drawn it up it had flip flops on i had her change it to roller derby style skates cause i love roller derby its in my album if you wanna check it out , i think they can be classy if you find the right artist who knows what they are doing nothing worse than a pinup who looks funny in the face or is drag queenish def look around for an artist with pics of pinups that they have done that usually gives you a better idea of how skilled they are anywho hope this helps good luck!!!


definately classy and as everyone mentioned if done right. i personally love pin-ups preferrably the old scool tradional kind but i say go for it if you want it and dont worry about what other dumbfucks think about it.

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