ALRIGHT Ive seen alot of tattoos on here, and I must say theyre all pretty damn good. BUT, I want to nit-pick an idea brought forth, and that is that some on here consider having a complicated reason behind getting a tattoo is….well…. *getting blunt here* a completely retarded idea, as it is supposed to be art. I dont want to get anyone riled up over the conversation, because I plan to get tattoos that dont mean jack shit about anything. But I do really dig the concept of getting tattoos that pertain to your life, and tell a story in pictures on your body, as I have started to do. SO, I wanna see you throwing in your two cents on the subject. Go ahead and flame me to the point of my cremation, cuz I’d rather hear truth than anything else to boot.


Not sure what your question or really where your point of view is. Personally, my tattoos have a slightly deeper meaning without going overly complicated. I’m petrified of the end of life as we know it due to a biological attack that kills almost everyone and the people that it doesn’t kill (probably me, with my luck) have to deal with the post apocalyptical world full of Zombies. Ok, that’s a little complicated but it resonates with me. I think you will find the whole spectrum here, from people getting religion that is embedded in their core tattooed to people who just walked in and got flash because they didn’t have anything better to do on a saturday night. They are both valid reasons to get a tattoo.

So the question is, are you one of “those people who consider having a complicated reason for getting a tattoo a completely retarded idea”? To me, that’s just as judgmental as calling you shallow for not having a meaning. Why Judge? What difference does it make to you whether my tattoo has meaning to me or not? And why would you want to take that from someone? I see a lot of people that bring closure to the hard parts of their lives by tattooing it to their body. Are you going to say that they don’t deserve that closure because you think its a completely retarded reason to get a tattoo?

I’m interested to hear your answers to these questions….


As far as I’m concerned it doesnt really matter to me what anyone gets, I just wanted to feel the forum out, because I cherish the ones I get with a deep personal meaning. If EVERYONE in the forum thinks “thats retarded” then I would find someplace elsewhere to conduct my business. I also want to get some random ass things thatll have absolutely no meaning whatsoever. So consider me a mutt lol.


Nothing really wrong with having a deep meaning behind a tattoo. Some of mine have personal meanings, some dont. Ever since Miami and LA ink came along, many people believe a tattoo absolutely must have a deep, touching story behind it, which is BS. I just tell people “You like the way it looks, just get it done.”


My first tattoo started out as purely aesthetic but as I thought about it I kind of applied a meaning to it. My second one is christmasy because I was born on christmas… haha. So neither of mine were way in depth, but I am planning on getting a religious tattoo soon. Also, I have been” suffering” from pretty severe mental illness (bipolar) for the last half of my life and have been through a lot, good and bad, because of it. It drives my creativity but also puts me in hospitals. When I am medicated yeah it takes away the “illness” but it also takes away some of the good, too. So I am vaguely thinking of doing something that represents dualities, like the dualities of moods in bipolar disorder as well as the co-occuring good/bad effects it has on me. Some people might think this idea is stupid to affiliate myself with an “illness” but to me it’s not that simple I guess.


Mine is a whole conglomeration of meanings, and it’s crucially important to me. It’s not a deep touching story, but it pulls on many aspects of my life.

I personally don’t really get the pure aesthetic approach, i want my ink to look beautiful but it would have to have a basis in something to do with me. But I don’t mind either way why this person or that gets one

Words may create rare images, within their narrow bounds
Twas speechless childhood taught me these, as music may, in sound

I like tigers, so I got a tiger. Easy. So it means strength and I am strong both physically and mentally. who cares about that, I like tigers. Especially Japanese ones. I guess I could create a whole touching story, but the truth is, I like tigers.