I am trying to think of ideas for a new tattoo, i am 30 years old and just last year it was found that I have a malformation on my brain that had caused seizures, since then I have had brain surgery and the malformation removed and life is back to normal. I would like to get a tattoo to remember this time in my life as the seizures where very severe (grand mal) and I had 3 in a row (almost died) ended up getting diaylsis because my kidneys stopped functioning as a result of the seizures. Any ideas that represent perserverance, happiness, life. I am not religious so nothign religious but am open to any ideas.



hello and welcome to the forums. It sounds like you have been through alot, and im glad your here today in good health. im a physical therapist and i know abit about what your going through. im really big into japanese style tattooing. The majority of japanese tattooing has a story or symbolic of something. Perserverance makes me think of the koi. the koi swims up the yellow river its whole life to become a dragon. life makes me think of the lotus. it comes from the mud to become a beautiful flower. just a couple of ideas. good luck and keep us posted.


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