I have been wanting a tattoo for a little while now and have been thinking about designs. I was wondering if someone on here could make me a sketch of a design that i have come up with. First, the main part of my design will be my initials which are MDZ, and i want this to be in a graffiti style writing. Then in the backround i want to have a turbocharger symbolizing my love for cars. I am open to any designs that you may come up with (like filling in some of the open space with some sort of design.) Thank you all in advance!

EDIT: I found this shortly after i wrote this…i would like the turbo to look something like this http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d96/inktailor/turbo1.jpg
Thanks again


I’d love to draw something out for you!

I charge 300 dollars an hour and something like this would take me about 3-5 hours. The actual work would be much shorter than that but I need a coffee break and a massage so I’ll just work that in the price. Also, I need a non-refundable 75 dollar deposit for the pencil lead I will be using to draw your tat and a .50 per stroke usage fee for the eraser.


Take the idea to an artist who can tattoo this on you and let them draw it out. That way you can talk to the artist and let them help you pick what is right. Go in with as much reference as you can find and hammer it out there. I could be very wrong, but I doubt that you will get much help by asking for someone here to take time and do this for free.

Just my .02, I hope someone proves me wrong.


I agree with Gsouder. The shop I go to will take appointments for consultations specifically for this reason, to sketch up a few different drawings of what you want. That way you can see what you like and what you don’t like. Just take your idea to the shop you want to go to and see what they can do.


As peeps have said, get your backside in gear, do research on the style you have in mind, go visit an artist and get him/her to do you a design. That way they will know where you want the design ad what will work with your bodyshape.

Good luck!

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