Im planning on starting my rib piece soon. Ive heard so many different things about it. Some people say it hurts, some people say it doesnt, some people say its unbareable.

I just got my back finished and to me it seems like the semi-meater parts of my body hurt the most. Like, chest pieces hurt some people, for me it wasnt bad. But my thigh piece hurt.

So my question is,
whats your take on rib pieces? What was it like for you?
And I want to do a japanese type theme. So lets bounce some ideas off one another.
Thanks guys !


I have a female Samurai design planned for my ribs, so I’ll be curious to read the comments in this thread.


i dont have any rib work but i do know that the people who say it doesnt hurt are liars. girls seem to take tattoo’s well, from my friends who are tattoo’d the girls have taken it well.

I think im gonna like this place…

My first tattoo was on the side of my back and continued to my ribs, the artist started on my ribs and yeah it hurt haha. But honestly to me it all kinda hurts. I got my second tattoo which is a pretty big piece on the other side of my back and also continues to my ribs. In my opinion the ribs hurt but not too much more than any other spot, but this is coming from a person who doesn’t have any spots tattooed other than my ribs and back.


I got my side done about 15 years ago and I still remember the crazey vibrations of the gun rattleing my insides when the skin over my rib bones was being worked on… it does hurt, but all do to some extent. Everyone is different 😀


I have a rib panel line work piece. I’m getting it done this summer with shading.

To answer your main question: It hurt like fuck.

I don’t take pain well. I screamed for the first 30 minutes. It was a four hour sitting. I just couldn’t get used to the intensity. But I’m a very skinny/boney person. The entire piece sucked. Shading is supposed to not hurt as badly as line work, but I guess I’ll be able to compare once I have it done.

I don’t have any other ink done besides that.

Pictures can be found in my albums HERE.

I shook and got cold sweats. I had to take breaks frequently. It was like surgery for me because I slept on my ink for a very long time after I got it done.

If you have anymore questions ask.


My rib work is very small. Other than my throat, it was the most painful thing I’ve had tattooed. Since I’m officially running out of places to tattoo, I’m putting it 2nd on my “list of places not to get tattooed” list. 1st being your throat, that hurt like fucking hell too.

Now, that being said, all tattoos hurt. Everyone feels and deals with pain differently. There is a picture of me in a local shop, it’s been there for over 10 years now. I fell asleep getting my left calf tattooed. My left knee is crippled. I have seriously decreased feeling below it. But it’s a funny damned photo. Everyone who sees it doesn’t realize I have little feeling there so THAT is why I fell asleep.

See what I mean by it being all relative?


Thanks guys. you’re a lot of help as always !
I know it will hurt like hell, but i want it done. I would love for it to be one session, cause i hate having to split them up. but itll have to be. blaah.
ill let you guys know what i come up with
i think of a tortured geisha kinda deal. hard to explain


I’m getting mine done now. And it hurts. It seems to me like the meatier sections hurt the most to me, though.
I’ve had sorter sessions, which seems to help, but then I feel like it’s taking forever to get done.


I’m not going to lie…straight color on the ribs sucks a bit.
When my artist did my tree…I didn’t really find it bad at all.
But drilling in the color of the moon right under my armpit…ouchie.

Really though, you’ll be completely fine…
A tattoo is a tattoo. So far, I haven’t found an area that feels fantastic or one that hurts so bad I’d rather die.
They are all pretty much in the same range.

[Witty Phrase]

Hi Britt

Have you considered a geisha weeping blood tears and being wrapped around by a foo dog or omni demon?

I really fancied one but my wife said no more ink 🙁

Take Care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.

that definitely sounds cool as shit sherav. but if im not getting to personal, why doesnt your wife want you getting anymore ink? if i was ur wife id be like “ill be at the artist next to you” lol.
and i want a geisha who is out of her place. because theyre considered a symbol of beauty. and theyre perfect, make up, hair, everything is in place. and i want one to represent that imperfection is beauty. know what i mean? lol

thanks again for your help everyone. if you have any ideas lets me know ! 😀


Hi Britt

It is health reasons really – I am always willing to run the risk and push the barriers for more ink but she is rightly pointing out it is taking loner and longer for each piece to heal.

The longer it takes the more prone to infection you get.

Take care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.

Oh true. That makes sense. I thought maybe you married someone who was against them.
But I hope one day you can get more and I hope you’ll be ok.
everyone should get to enjoy getting ink’d all the tiiiimmee


I posted this before (not sure which thread) but out of all the ink I have got over the years – yes, ribs hurt the most!

That said my left side hurt way more than my right side

Mathew: you , no more ink? I don’t believe it! 😮

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