Hey whats up everyone? Im new here, and looking to get my second tattoo. My idea is an hourglass on the left side of my back, not too big but not tiny. Ive been thinking of a bunch of ideas, and have just decided I really just need to talk the artist for advice haha. Anyways the idea is the hourglass with roses on the bottom, and I want it to say somewhere “Patience is a Virtue”. Ive been playing around with ideas like: having some type of background, having the hourglass black and grey and the roses colored, the sand in the hourglass colored and everything else black and grey…etc.

So many ideas have been bouncing around in my head. But one thing I really cant figure out at all is how I can incorporate the phrase into the tattoo. My first idea was having it be a banner wrapping around the hourglass. I like the idea, but I feel like its not original, and a lot of people have banners in their tattoos. Can anyone think of an idea on how to incorporate the phrase in the tattoo without using a banner? And while Im posting this, does anyone have any suggestions for the rest of the tattoo? Ill be going to the shop in a week to put a deposit down, and give the artist my ideas, and I just want to be able to give him some really solid ideas.

And I actually was searching the internet for hourglass tattoos, and the closest picture I could find that kind of resembles what I want mine to look like is this one. But it would still obviously be a lot different.

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