Hey guys .,,,i have my own tribal design download via internet and im going to place it on my back, but i am frustrated to have a tattoo because i know the killing pain.. is there anyone can help me or a way to make it hurtless?lol..please..:confused:


stop being a wuss, this is a tattoo forum! 🙂


The one on my back didn’t hurt at all.

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That’s some funny grammar lol good stuff.

And yes there is stuff to make your tattoo ‘hurtless’, but if you can’t hack the pain then should you really be getting one? The best experience is the pain and the end result it delivers.


Pick up a hammer (preferably with a heavy head on it) and clock yourself in the head. Awake a few days later with a new tattoo to go along with your cracked skull and swollen brain (which you might already have according to your taste in plain generic ‘off the net’ tribal designs ;))
Maybe that’s a bit harsh haha



It is called don’t do it. :p

If you really must have something use lidocaine but won’t last more than an hour tops.

That said check on my blog about why to avoid certain drugs and tattooing – having tested many of them whilst being inked I can assure that the side effects far outweighed the benefits.

Take care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.

ametop gel and emla are another two product names of topical anesthetic creams…… dont do it, the skin goes horrible and rubbery and your artist will hate trying to work with it, then when the cream wears off then you get the pain all at once and it will be worse than if you hadnt used the shitty cream.
also the healing process takes longer if you have had the wuss cream.
can i enquire… why on earth would you want tribal that you found on the net, millions of people around the world would have the same piece on them ??

i hear falling off a horse can help remove pain from the neck down, well it worked for superman !!

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dude, the pain is half the fun. sitting through it just makes it that much more meaningful, knowing that you where willing to take the pain for what you wanted.


You are better off going with your bodies own natural endorphines, those things are good for a nice three hours. Although any work being done after that three hour mark will not be much fun.

Oh, and why not have your artist draw up a unique piece for you instead of using an internet download. Tattooing really can be an artform. And like any art, would you rather have a one of a kind painting hanging on your wall or some reprint from wall mart that a million and one other people have hanging on their wall? The beautifull thing is, they can either use your design or they can draw you up something original and it will still cost the same.


i would say if you are not good with pain schedule short sessions, like 1 hour at a time. never heard of a ‘hurtless’ tattoo.

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