Common and overdone, or classic and with great meaning?



They truly translate to such gorgeous tattoos…
But I do agree…they are a bit overdone.
The cool part about Koi tattoos is they stand out individually though.

Hey…if it isn’t tribal…


Vastly overdone to nausea for me. Love the tattoo’s. Beautiful piece of work that brings out strong points of the tattooist and I respect all koi fish work and everyone who has ever posted here have really nice ones but fact of the matter is I can’t tell a difference and automatically X out when I see a koi fish. Seen millions of them.


Personally I like them. I don’t think they are ‘overdone’ at all and have seen some beautiful ones. Definitely a classic for me!


More than a few people have Koi tattoos and even though I liek to stay away from stuff overdone due to a memory of Koi from my childhood they do have a meaning to me so one day I will have some Koi inked. Overdone maybe but then again not many subjects in tattooing are 100% original these days. It’s all up to what the individual wants imo.


To me the typical orange and yellow kois are overdone. Although I still appreciate the excellent work that goes into them and admire them for that reason. On the other hand, kois that incorporate other colors I really like. I saw a black and red one that I just fell in love with. Now I’m debating getting a black and pink koi done in that cutsey black goth style, perhaps circling a sugar skull done in the same style. The only thing holding me back is that cutsey black and pink goth style really isn’t my look. :rolleyes:

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It depends on how the koi are done, and if its just a fish, or part of something like a sleve, and depends on the colors/patterns on the fish. they really can either be just cliche, or they can look very original.


Since koi fish tattoos represent perseverance and strength of one’s character, I think the black and blue color combo is my favorite. The bright colors can be overdone and not as unique.


Love them. Never get tired of doing them/ finding new ways to do them. My only complaint would be when a customer asks for a replica of something they’ve seen in a magazine. It tends to happen an awful lot with koi.

Why not just find the original person and steal their car too while you’re at it.

Greyhound;63412 wrote:
Common and overdone, or classic and with great meaning?

great meaning of course, years ago i read an article that was talking about Koi and the meaning in life for some Chinese people,so there are always a private and special meaning for some people to have a Koi tattoo on their body…



I love Koi always have and at some point will get one done – once I can talk the missus around to letting me have more ink.

The great bit is that you can actually make them really unique and when you look at them closely that is when the skill of the artist and details really shine through.

In fact when I do get around to Global Domination my first edict is that everybody is going to have some form of koi tattooed on them and get ‘Hully Love’ across the belly in bright pink font.

Yes I know it will kill the genre but lets face it would be funny :p

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Have to agree…can be beautiful with the gold oranges but waaay overdone. Do Koi have a special meaning for you? A pretty picture can get old quick. It’s better to have something with special meaning to you…tells a story about you.
When people ask about Koi what could you really say…”uh…thought it looked cool.”


I have two koi (one swimming up, one down) surrounding a stargazer lily and a few orchids. And not only have I never seen anything like it, but it also means a TON to me.

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