I have an appointment to begin a large tattoo on my rib cage / side area…but i think i may have a problem.

I am starting a physical training camp 3 days after the first appointment (outline) and the first day i will be required to do situps and a jog and it is VERY important that i do a minimum of both!

will it be too painful to do situps after a fresh tattoo on my ribs? or will 60 seconds of sits up and a 15 minute jog not be that big of a deal?? should i put this tattoo off until the training is over?? its 3 months i dont want to wait!

thanks for the advice!


The pain won’t be what will stop you…but it is bad on your ink if you are sweating a profuse amount.

Carry some water with you and spray your tattoo down fairly often to remove the salty sweat.

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I agree about the sweat! I got a rib piece last summer and it did hurt to twist to the side or do anything that scrunched the skin on my very much.. but only for a day or so.


it only hurt for about a day after I got it done. good luck, just make sure to keep your tattoo clean!


for me there wasnt any pain…just irritation from clothing rubbing against my skin and drying out my tattoo.


the sweat isnt good for it and niether is putting water on it quite often

if it gets wet and stays moist from the water for a prolonged time then the scabs could easily be ripped off, this is the last thing you want to happen…. in my eyes i would suggest waiting until the training is over, you have the rest of your life to get a piece of ink, your training is obviously important to you at this time in your life…..

my advice is … just wait 😉

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that doesn’t sound like too much exercise. i’d wear one of those breathable shirts that keeps sweat off you.

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