I got this piece done for my mother who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My long term goal is to turn it into a half sleeve. The eagle is from my family coat of arms, and the ribbon is in support of the disease. I am seeking advice on how to cover up the background above the eagle, my artist had a vision for it but I do not like how it came out at all. I was thinking maybe cover it up with clouds or a sun, but I am really struggling to come up with ideas. Also,I would like to work with the ribbon, right now I feel as it looks incomplete. I was thinking of adding my mothers name to it, and possibly roses underneath to blend it into. This piece means a lot to me given the circumstances, so I really appreciate you taking the time to read and respond.

Thanks so much.




Wow the photo realism eagle is good, but that background fuck man. Maybe Make it clouds in the background. Make the ribbon pink and try to hide that smoke or whatever that is off of the top of the ribbon.


The background looks easy enough to cover. The eagle looks good.
Good luck on whatever you decide to do.


Agree with the others, Eagle looks good and a background should be easy to add. The ribbon just needs bringing out, personally I wouldnt colour it 🙂

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hi memorial is always an important tattoo n not always easy to hear critisism.i think it would help if u considered maybe a mountain range for the background as u could start quite dark behind the eagle i think would add more contrast. i would also consider making the ribbon into a river as part of the background and think about
having a new ribbon else where.ie below the piece with the roses u suggested making it more a half sleeve.

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