Over the xmas holidays 2009 i was in phuket thailand. I had been wanting to get my full left sleeve done for 2 years. Had a japanese theme in mind and had it all planned out for months.I went to a place called INDIAN BODY ART in patong. It looked fine when they had finished , i was stoked. They told me not to put any creme on it for 3 days as it takes away the colour and not to swim untill it had healed. I did everything they asked. Days latr it started to peel and it lost all its colour. It lost all the shading and now the ink looks light blue. Tattoo looks like its been there for 50 yeras.Half of they pattern was lost when my tatto peeled. I am so gutted that i am stuck with this tattoo on my arm forever now. I just wanted to say never to go indian tattoo in patong because you will not get what u want. I have been to othere tattoo places around Brisbane , Aaustralia and they told me they didnt go deep enough with the needle. They were shocked. That explains why i could sit there for 2 10 our sessions with pretty much no pain.


Your little rambel didn’t really make sense.

But that sucks…. lol, post pictures.

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There’s a solution for a situation like this.

Step One:

Build a pipebomb. Make sure you pack plenty of nails in there.

Step Two:

Fedex it overnight.

Step Three:

Post some pics and let’s see if anyone has any suggestions for a cover up or if it’s even possible.

Also, NEVER get tattoos in Thailand, Mexico, or any other country that’s basically a dollar store for a guy with a handful of dollars or euros.

Love. Peace. Metallica.

Chief D

You got a bad tattoo in a third world country? I am shocked!:rolleyes:

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Give it 6 weeks and I am sure you will be able to get a cover up from a reputable artist in your home country and with black ink should not be too much of an issue as they can reline over the areas still visible and add to the peeled out parts.

My strong advice is that you should get some bloodwork done to test for Hep HIV etc as unless you saw them unwrap the sterile needles it could be an issue.

Take Care

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somehow im not surprised, i must admit i like the name of the town you were in, i presume its pronounced “fuckit”

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Post some pictures so we all can have a good laugh.

A man is not finished when he is defeated; he is finished when he QUITS!

-Former U.S President Richard M. Nixon.