So as you guys know im starting my sleeve.
And need a little help with a question.

All my past 6 tattoos are your traditional black. So im going for more of a colorful piece. Very bright is what im aiming for. But i also want to put a potrait of my dad and mom on my arm. But i can’t decide if it would be better in color or black/gray/white… But take in my mind my arm is goin to be filled with bright colorful flower such as tahitian plumerias, daisies, and forget me nots..

This is where you guys come into play..
Black or Color…..:)
Lets here yalls opinion !


If your doing different flowers Id say go for colour that way the colours can contrast and compliment each other in colour and will stand out more, a black white and grey sleeve might look very dark after a while like when the white starts to fade a little. x


I’m a big fan of black-n-grey memorial/tribute type tattoos.


If you’re getting a color portorait, you better get it from someone who is known for their color work…. not someone who thinks they can handle it. Deff. check portfolios, and compare the actual pictures to ink.

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DILEMMA! portraits look better in black and grey, flowers look better in colour EEK !! – i’d say though, if all your other tatts are black and grey.. and memorial portraits look better in black and grey… then you should go for black and grey =] and preferably a portrait specialist if you real