Well, I currently have one tattoo on my shoulder blade (will get a pic up soon) that is a memorial tat for my gran. As morbid as it sounds, when my grandad dies I am getting a memorial tat on my other shoulder blade. To connect the two however, I want something above and in the middle.

At first i was thinking a cross with wings (as religion is very important to me and its something that is, and will be, a lasting memory to my grandparents, as i used to go to church with them regularly) and started putting together some ideas. Then I started thinking about an angel with wings and got some more ideas. The other day i heard a song at my grandads house that reminded me a lot of my gran and my grandad and it was mainly about peace and things like that. This led to a couple of google searches with the idea of a cross with wings and a dove and i found this picture that is awesome, so i’m just after a few ideas/comments/thoughts on your behalves.

P.S. The crown of thorns wouldn’t be on it, along with the dripping blood.



Good concept, but as I always reccommend….. just go to your local tattoo artist or whoever you want to do your piece and have them draw you something up.


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I wasn’t going to get that exact thing done, and definitely not straight away (I can’t afford it for one, I’m a student too see.)

One of my friends is a pretty good artist who has always taken an interest in my ideas for tattoo’s and the like and has always said give him a ring if i want him to draw me something. After he has done that i would take it to the tattoo artist and let him have a play with it and see what he could come up with.

I was just asking for peoples opinions on the actual concept and whether you think it would translate into a decent tattoo. =)




I have looked at thousands of religious tattoos and the concept will convert nicely into a tattoo. My only advice is think about how the light is portrayed around the dove as can be difficult to do in a tattoo unless you are happy to go for shading.

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