Hey all,

I finnally summond up the courrage to get a memorial tattoo for my father who was a police officer that died in a car accident [not on duty.] I’m thinking of getting a replica of his bag with; his name, his birthdate and death date, and bage number.

I was wondering if it would be possible to use his cremation ashes in the ink, because it will be black and gray on my left-pec kinda over the heart. I think I breifly browses Sherav’s blogs, but I don’t remember and quite honestly I am too lazy to search for it…. so I figured I’d wait for him to reply :p lol


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im fairly certain ive heard of people using ashes in ink before, if the artist is good enough then surely he can do it

I think im gonna like this place…

Hi Biker

Yes it is possible to use cremation ashes as part of the tattoo. I am not able to go into the detail of how to best achieve this (unlicensed tattooing etc) but you will have to find an artist willing to do it.

There is an increase in infection/rejection of the tattoo so make sure that the ashes are hermetically sealed.

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Sounds risky. But if all went well it would be a great piece.


biker id do it without thinking about it too much .
they is a thread here about it ( not sure if you saw or commented on it ) most people was freaked out by it :rolleyes:

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Firstly: So sorry for your loss… (((((hugs)))))

Secondly: Fully possible… it’s much more common in the US then in the UK, but I think it might become more and more common in the UK too after all the exposure of the tattoartist that lost his son and chose to use some of the ashes for his memorial tattoo as it was in lots of news papers/online.

Wishing you the best of luck in finding the right tattoo artist. And I have to say that I think it’s a wonderful memorial to that.


Thanks for the replies guys!

A man is not finished when he is defeated; he is finished when he QUITS!

-Former U.S President Richard M. Nixon.

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