Ok guys well Ive been thinking for a while about a suitible memorial tattoo for baby girl and Ive thought that maybe a pair of wings would be nice but in white ink shaded with pink.

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with white ink and what their opinions are on it??

Thanks. x


Using white for large areas of coverage, usually does not work out well. In time it will fade out and leave only the pink you were using in it. I would recommend using white for high lighting only. This is just from my exp. anyway.

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I agree with P.I,
I’ve never met a tattooist who uses white ink other than highlighting, or use it as little as possible.
It fades very rapidly compared to other colours.


Thanks for the honesty guys, I dont really want dark colours in the tattoo but want it to wear well…typical women being picky 😀


the white will definately change colour in time, it normally turns a yellowy colour so its best not to have it as a primary cover in the tattoo, if the design is shaded correctly then using a pale pink and just grey scale shade will give nice results…. place a small amount of white as highlight just to give the white look and desired depth for the feater effect

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you could go for a peach pink and other tones of pink and it still look light .

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thanks guys x

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