Alright so I’m wanting to get an evil cupcake tattoo, but I’m still designing it. I know that if things are too small they seem to blend together and such as they age. I wanted to get 20 sprinkles & 4 small heart shaped sprinkles in the frosting, but not sure if it would just blend together later or what? I’m thinking of getting it on my calf so it’s not going to be uber small at least a 6″ high/wide tattoo. Would it work or no?
Here is my design so far not done yet, but still lol….

Wicked Ink

I guess it depends on weather or not they will be outlined in black, or just the actual color of the sprinkle, and also which color the backdrop for the sprinkles is. If they aren’t outlined with black and the background color is similar too the sprinkle color then its possible down the road to have them “blend” together. i think if there is enough contrast between colors and its not too small overall i think you should be good to go! Hope this helps.


Very cute idea! I think it’s do-able. Draw it how you’d like it then discuss it with your artist and let them know they can make small changes if neccesary. Thats their job to turn your idea or drawing into a fesible tattoo.


Thanks. I’ve seen other tattoos with sprinkles with and without shading. I was just worried because I want 20 lol. I was going to just get my daughter’s name, but because of her personality, decided to get an evil cupcake lol. her birthday is 4/20 which is why I was thinking of having 20 sprinkles, and the 4 hearts.



It is possible but you have to remember the smaller the ink the more it will blur out of shape as you get older.
I would suggest making it a rather large piece and that way you can fit on the sprinkles without them becoming indistinct blurs.

I always love evil cup-cakes and you can always add little eyes to the cherries 😀

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