I’ve been contemplating for about six months that I want to get a wrist tattoo that says “Let it be.”
    There’s a whole story to go along with that, and I’m waiting until summer to make the final call on it. I figure that a tattoo needs to be well-considered and everything. I’m 18, and I know that I don’t need my parents permission for it, but my mom consented anyway.

    But now that this tattoo is closer to becoming a reality, I started thinking about the logistics of it. I’m not sure how small a tattoo can be, and how high up on the wrist I can put it. If anyone here could give me ANY kind of idea of what a tattoo artist could do on my wrist, I’d appreciate it.

    I want it to be as small as is legible, and something I could cover with body makeup or a thick watch (since I’m currently thinking of going to law school).

    And I’m aware that there are better hidden places for it, but half the meaning of this tattoo would be where I put it, so that’s kind of a key factor. I’m also aware that wrist tattoos are said to hurt more than regular ones, but again, I’m not put off by pain. My question is just about… the rules that I have to play by.

    Can I not get it on my upper wrist if my veins are right there? Do the letters have to be at least a certain size so the ink won’t bleed and the letters become illegible? Anything you could give me along those lines would be immensely helpful.

    It’s an inner-wrist tattoo. Just thought I should mention it.


    The ink can be anywhere on your wrist and the ink letters can be as small as the artist can draw them. Good luck and I hope it’s worth it to you. Give it a lot of thinking before you commit to anything. If you have any questions at all, I’d go see a tattoo artist and ask them all the questions you want to know.


    I just got my first tattoo on the inside of my wrist, mine is larger than normal but it’s not letters. (you can see it in my album).
    I’d suggest you going to your local artist and just sitting down with them and having them try different sizes until you are satisfied, that’s what I did.
    Good luck!


    You dont want it so small that it will be blurry in 10 years. Remember tattoos change just as your skin does.


    I got one right at the top of my wrist so it was as close to my hand as i could get it and yeah it hurt a bit more than my back tat but its not too bad. You can get the tattoo done on top of the part with lots of veins (as i did) and you should be fine.

    Good luck with the first tat. I hope you end up with exactly what you wanted 😀

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