I am getting a Japanese dragon on my upper back, and wanted to have 3 koi involved in the tattoo as well representing my 3 kids (representing me protecting my children). I wanted some opinions. Because of the dragon design, it would be difficult to have them swimming around the dragon’s body as I originally wanted. However, each Koi would could be incorporated if they were being held in the dragon’s claws. Would that be defeating the purpose of the koi? Would it still give the impression of me protecting them? I sorta felt like it might be interpreted as the dragon taking their freedom. Any suggestions or interpretations? Thanks in advance…


    This is just my opinion, but I think the dragon holding the koi in its claws would look like it was trying to capture them. I like the koi idea…

    Maybe something more like a big sun shinning warmly on the water where the 3 koi are swimming.


    personally it would make a fantastic tattoo. I could see the dragon maybe having the wings cropped up and maybe the koi fish under the wing or swimming around the dragon. Almost like the dragon has taken the 3 koi under its wings. Or maybe the dragon has the wings infront of the body loosly and the koi showing between the wings where they close.

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