Ok first off I am working on a disign for my own tattoo, but I have been looking on the net for ideas on designs and I came across a wonderful looking tattoo and I am can only find the front view (chest,arm are visiable) but I am dieing to see what the back of the tattoo looks like and I was wondering if anyone know where to find a pic of the back tattoo (back, and back side of the arm). Any help would great, thanx.
    Ohh and I do not plan on copying this tattoo in any ways shape or form, I am just really curios to see what the whole tattoo looks like as it may give me ideas my own disigns.


    thats the front view of the tattoo I am looking for


    That is a great design isn’t it?!? and what a body to have it on – anyway…

    I think the design is continued on the wall behind the guy.


    ohh ok I didn’t even notice the wall had that stuff on the back.. thank you for pointing that out for me 🙂

    I love the way the design looks and I can only hope that when I am done my own personal design it can look as good as that design does. That design gives me some ideas but I am having trouble making to blend together and clash with eachother… thank you agian


    personally I dont think thats a real tattoo, just a design that they had put on him. You can notice that it doesnt bend with his body like most do. However it is beautiful and it would indeed make a great tattoo.

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