Hello. I have black tatoo that I love on my back. It’s a great design with 516 (my anniversary) in the middle of it. The problem is, I think I made it too small, and the black is bleeding a little which makes it hard to read. I saw a tatoo on someone else that was gorgeous, and she had the lettering outlines in white. I didn’t even know they could do white. My question is, can I outline the 516 on my tatoo in white? Will it work over black? Thanks so much for your help.


    i saw a pic of the most tattood guy on the planet who basically had full cover in black and has it says he has started to have white tattoo’s over the black.

    I am not sure if that was accurate or how easy it would be to do

    Any other more experienced people give us an idea


    You can try it but it will look very dirty and probably spoil the quality quite badly. It defo won’t happen over just a few sitting it will take a couple of years of hitting it every time you go back to get it anywhere near clean. Some other colours work a little better but they always look dirty when putting light on dark colours.


    personally I wouldnt do it. Fact is, white fades most and the tattoo you probably saw was brand new and probably outlined in white first and black next to it. White on top of black would probably not be white maybe a grey or brownish. I wouldnt do it personally.

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