I had my tattoo done on wendesday the 14th….its a 2 cm black outline of a star on my wrist. It didn’t go red, as many people said it would, but the ink feels raised out my skin and is hard and has loads of tiny cracks in it…???? Is this normal?? How do i care for it??? Thank you!
    I live in South Africa so i don’t know what A&D cream is, I was told to rub Savlon Cream on it ( it is an anti bacterial) must i go and get some other moisturiser? and is Nivea Creme ok to use.!??


    This is COMPLETELY normal. It’s gonna start to flake off soon, which will leave the healed tattoo under it. Rub a small amount of unscented Lubriderm on it once or twice daily.

    sharp shorty

    If a tattoo is raised out of your skin it was done improperly. That includes scabbing. It will not harm you,(as long as it isn’t infected), it just means The ink is in the wrong layers of skin. Use a triple antibiotic cream to help fight infection and do not let it out in the open in the hot African sun. Taking care of it properly will ensure that the tattoo heals as good as it possibly can.

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