edward s

    well i had it 7 years ago & i got used to it.. ( thats because i don’t see it)..its just like its not there…
    & usually nobody sees it unless am on the beach ..she says i should remove it..which will cost me around 5k where i live..what do u think?



    I agree with her. You probably look like an idiot . Why would you want bad art on you forever? She knows that everyone with any class is saying, “What was he thinking when he did that? Must have been on drugs..

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    Scando Fonz

    man dont listen to your girlfriend
    next thing you know she is going to boss you around
    unless she is already
    dont forget who you are
    A man


    simply i tell you:
    1) if she really love you, she cannot bare to let you pain. (removing tattoo is pain like hell, it is like burning your skin again and again, oh forget to tell you one treatment cannot do, you need atleast 10 to 20 times, and it will not completely gone)
    2) if you do what she want this time, she will pick somethings else to manipulate you. this time tattoo, next time haircut, or how to choose a friend etc etc your nightmare will never end.


    i like it, and i dont think you should remove something just becuase its not to her liking. You got it before you were together so she has no say. Tell her if she dont like it, then dont look at it……its yours, keep it cause you want to

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