ahoura g

    I want to get a tattoo of the asian symbol for fun, does any one know how it looks??

    there is I am sure, there is one love, friendship and ,,,


    If you have to ask, don’t get it.


    ummm… theres isnt really one… what you do for fun is the answer.


    Be careful, and I wouldn’t go off anyones advice online, no one knows each other at the end of the day and who are you going to blame when you have to get ‘shit head’ covered up. If you can’t source the info yourself directly I’d give it a miss until you can be sure, even if yu want to get the rest of the tattoo, leave room, unless its getting entwinned or something. Don’t even take one persons advice on the matter, go to a few reliable places, take what you think is the sybol, and ask someone of that culture/race/religion/tribe and show them it, ask them what it says, if they say ‘turd’ then you know you had a close miss and keep on searching. IMO
    Good luck!

    Gone to Mexico

    Dude there’s like 50 million types of Asian…Laotian, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, Japanese, Chinese, Hmong, Mongolian, Korean, Indian…etc..etc be specific.

    I think only the Chinese uses symbols tho… Because Lao, Thai, and Cambodian people use letters.

    sharp shorty

    The best advice is to do an online search for what your looking for.

    Good Luck!


    an asian symbol for fun? huh. depends on you. if you want chinese words or symbols i can help you out there. but there really isn’t a specific symbol for fun.

    why don’t u tattoo your own symbol for fun.

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