I had a memorial tattoo done a couple of years ago and ive never really been happy with it.
It’s of two Forget-Ne-Not and is positioned behind my left ankle. The shadowing around the flowers is too dark and the centres are filled in too deeply with black ink that the yellow surround is muted.
I was considering designs to be incorporated in to the existing tattoo to disguise the shading and make the tattoo more of an interpreration of the flowers. I quite like the watercolour effect some artists have achieved.
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what I can do to improve my feelings towards my tattoo.


Go to a better artist and ask them if they think they could improve it. I’m sure someone here could suggest a good artist in your area. Do you have a pic of your tattoo?


Looks OK from here
Post a pic so we can see how to improve it.

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