Here’s a relaxed view of my half sleeve (bottom) and a view of the same tattoo ~2-3 days after color was added (top). Comparison

Here’s an album of some closer shots, present day. Present day

I won’t lie. I spend a lot of time outdoors. However, 99% of the time I either use a Neutrogena Ultra Sheer or Neutrogena Beach Defense stick to cover the entire tattoo. If in the water, after an hour or so I’ll dry the area and re-apply.

Is it typical for the sun to cause this much desatuation, or is this simply a ‘settled’ tattoo? I’m saddened to see the comparison photo and how dull it looks now. The most notable difference for me is the arrow and tick marks on the compass – which we had difficulty getting my skin to take in the first place.

In your opinion, if I get it retouched will it settle back out to these colors or perhaps stay a bit brighter?

I know I should ask my artist. Unfortunately I live ~8 hours away from him now and can’t stop in. Otherwise, believe me, I would.


Get it touched up. look into sun protective clothing

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