Teddy Dalton

Hi, I am getting a wildlife realism sleeve shortly, in color, and would like some recommendations of artists (preferably in Europe) to consider, who would be able to do extremely good wildlife pieces. I already have a list I am considering or have considered already (save people recommending people i’m already aware of lol)

AD Pancho
Levgen knysch
Tomasch Blaschech
Marcin Insekt
Mateusz Szablinski
Maya Sapiga
Alexander Kolbasin
Mark Bester
Led Coult
Gunnar V
Dimitry Samohin
Dave Paulo
Charles huurman
steve butcher
anderzej niuniek misztal
polish dan
adam blakey
jurgis mikaluaskis
jordan croke
james tattooart

If there’s anyone else that people can think of that do amazing color realism wildlife (snakes, birds big cats etc) please let me know, thanks 🙂


yes. all of the above.

instagram: jookiest

thats already a pretty great list right there.


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