Ive posted about this before in another reply – What can I do to improve this area of the tattoo, or should I leave it and not risk messing it up further. Its the black Asian influenced ‘bars” or “clouds” on the front of the bicep. right in plain view for anyone I meet, or when I happen to face a mirror. More info below –

So it was my first tattoo – a half sleeve koi fish. I love Asian styled and asked for a traditional tattoo. I waited and did my homework for three months before deciding on an artist and design. Which is not so easy as tattoos are illegal here and most sites containing the word are blocked. so research was limited. He told me he had been tattooing for 15 years (a lie, he had barely been doing it a year) he just counted his wife’s experience as his own. cause they worked together. Their reference artwork and pics on their FB page all looked good (cause I found after how they edited them when they posted mine). But sadly he messed up quite a few areas. I have managed to find someone else, as there are a number of artists here (UAE ) who do really great work, DATU (Dubai artists tattooing underground) has recently done a full sleeve Chinese dragon on my left arm which is absolutely amazing. He has also done what he can for me in fixing the koi. Which he has done a great job. but I am still not happy with my front bicep. he thinks I should leave it. What would you do to it? Would you change anything? Should I just get over it and live with it. The sun over time could even things out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Points I would like to change – too dark (only the sun can help with this), lines aren’t straight and near the underarm – wtf? looks like he slipped with shading there. A random darker patched sticking out. What would you do to fix this?

I have attached the old koi for reference, and the new fixed one.



Find a good tattooist and go from there.

210 inking hours and counting.

Tattoos are for the living. Tombstones are for the dead. Get a tattoo for yourself!

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