bumumble beee

    its the side of my back,
    i have my name done already but now i want something elso to go with it
    shall i get a buzzy bumumumble beeee

    cos i really wanna beeee one

    music head

    yeah, maybe tiny bumble bees buzzing around your name.

    pauline s

    a small one either side of your name will look cute,


    don’t like tattoos, you will regret them when older and remember what ozzy osbourne said: “if you want to be unique, then don’t get a f*****g tattoo!”

    Jo C

    A bee flying away from your name could be really cute. Was just choosing my tattoo today, getting a tribal sun. I saw lots of tattoos that people have stars above or at the side of their name, they looked nice.


    Why not go for a transfer, most film stars do, remember George Clooney in Dusk till Dawn the neck tatoos, where are they now? at least you can change tranfers and what’s the point in having a tatoo where you can’t see it, you might as well have one on the sole of your foot.
    Ray. West York’s. U.K.


    what about winnie the pooh,with a jar of honey.

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