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    How much would a tattoo be around the size of the back of your hand ? it would be a cross. Does it hurt more/less to get it on the back of your neck? Would a doctor numb the area if you told him you were gettin a tattoo ?


    1. Don’t know about the cost, that is usally up to the artist.
    2. I’ve had 3 tattoo’s. One I was lamaze breathing through, the other two where nothing more that a tingling, stinging, pulling sentions.
    3. If you are so afraid of the pain that you’d consider having the are numbed, then don’t do it.

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    I have 4 tattoos and 2 of them really didn’t even hurt at all. But I can not imagine any doctor numbing that area. Your just gonna have to suck it up and deal with it. Cost wise, every tattoo is different it really just depends on the artist. Some may over charge you but most are reasonable. Your probably looking at anywhere from $80.00 to $180.00 just an opinion tho. It also depends on how much detail is in the tattoo.


    I have a tattoo on my hip and on my back. my hip was about 50 and the back one was about 150. I wouldnt guess it should be anymore than 200. some artists charge by the hour, others charge by the design. ask your tattoo artist they will be honest with you.


    It also depends on where you live..places in bigger cities are gonna be more..or the closer to the beach..and dont always try to go to the cheaper place. take cleanliness into consideration first and formost.

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