Nicola H

    done whilst on them.Did it go ok? The steroids are prednisolone for my health only. I have trouble healing at times I wondered if anyone else had been on them at all at the same time as gettin a tat and if any problems arose?
    Thank you

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    Why would you be willing to take the chance of an infection when you already have trouble healing? Is your life worth that little? And for what? A tattoo, something that is completely unnecessary.
    You should be thankful that there is a medication that can help you with healing; 50 years ago it didn’t exist and when you got a wound that didn’t heal you usually died of infection or blood poisoning.
    Please don’t take the chance, you would be putting your health and life in jeopardy.

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    I also take these steroids and I personally wouldn’t take the chance, if you are on a high dose and for a long time, you must be have a serious illness.

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