touched up?? i have one pretty decent size on my shoulder with good amount of coloring and shading… How much did it cost to get yours touched up?
    i will be going to the same place i got it done at and the same guy… haha he did it a long time ago and the guy travels so i doubt he will remember it tho

    Emtie El


    i did it myself

    New York Chic

    ive gotten one of mine touched up, it cost about $50! but usually i would assume that it would cost almost as much as the tattoo was originally!!! good luck with it!


    Not yet, and if I do, I’ll get it done for free. My brother’s a tattooist


    had a few covered up but not touched up sorry cant help ya

    MamiZorro2 the second

    It varies from parlor to parlor. The one I go to does minor touch ups to their own work for free. If it is major touch up, you may be looking at a bit of a burn to your pocket, but I think it would be a good investment. Nothing beats going to a parlor, or the one you went to, and getting a direct estimate from an artist.

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