I have got a tatoo on my back, had it now for 4 days, the tattoo is kind of big, in that it runs from my lower back (below pant line) all the way up my back, neck and into my hairline. My concern is that the neck section seems to have scabbed over and be rubbing off before any of the rest has scabbed over. I can feel that its starting to as its itching a bit and seems to pull a bit (like a scab does). I wonder whether its because I am moving my neck a lot to look around etc. that its breaking the scab, whether its because the necks on my tshirt are rubbing it, because its exposed to air all the time so has just healed faster or what…

    Basically it took 3 hours to get it done and I dont really want to mess it up, its my first ink so Im not sure what to expect and most my friends with tats have smallish ones, not 28inch ones up their backs…

    Im also concernted about the fact I work in an office so have to sit in a chair all day, I do try and sit without the tat against the back.
    I have some tattoo goo which I have been putting on it. But have been given lots of different pieces of advice. I guess I should keep putting this stuff on the tat, some advice says to stop when it scabs over.

    I am probably being over cautious but I dont want ink that looks bad because I didnt care for it. I have 2 stripes (yup racing stripes) up my back. Sounds weird, but looks awesome… cheers for the help.


    I would keep putting ointment on your tat as much as possible. It probably has scabbed over quicker because its in an area that has a wide range of motion.. not so stationary as the rest of your back.

    Keep the ointment on there, and don’t worry about the scabbing, that’s normal. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into an infection. I don’t think you will ruin anything by turning your head and what not throughout the day, but your tattoo artist will better prepare you for that than I can.

    My best advice is to keep the ointment on there and try to keep your shirt off of it for a few days.. Use gauze if you have to.. its cotton and it’ll breath still without the rubbing.


    I wouldn’t worry too much about it. YOu probably don’t have to try to limit your neck movement. I mean, unless you really want to. But, keep in mind, it’s your neck, man! it’s going to be moving around when you look up or down or anything.

    I just got a tattoo on the back of my neck about a month ago, and it was kind of the same. Its small, but in the middle of the tat, where my neck sort of “creases” when i look up or whatever, it wasn’t healing the same. Just keep lotion on it so it’s not so dry and prone to cracking, but don’t put any lotion on it when you sleep. That’s what I did and it turned out beautifully!


    Sounds like it is healing before the rest of it.
    Are you using any tattoo cream? You really should keep it moist with tattoo cream to keep it from scabbing too much otherwise you might have faded bits where the scab has been.
    The neck is a pretty intense place to have a tattoo done, it will feel as if it is worse than what it is.
    As long as you keep it moisturised for at least a week, and don’t pick the scab it should heel o.k.


    It probably is healing faster, since it is exposed to air. The ointment that you were given was to keep it moist so that scabs wouldn’t form. Are you keeping it on that section of your neck? It coloring can come out if you allow it to scab over.

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