You have them? You want one?
    What’s you ideal one?
    I’m looking to cover up a shamrock on my ankle that’s about the size of a nickel. Any ideas?
    I love movies, musics, anything artsy. I value family and happienss in life more than work and money, I have good values, and look forward to being a mother one day.
    Oh, and just to let everyone know, I have NO intention of going into a tattoo shop with my list of answers from here, and say “Give me this”, I’m going to think about this for a LONG time because this will be my last tattoo, but I want some ideas so that I can at least go in with more than one. Thanks in advance!


    I’ve got a few tattoos..and I will tell you one thing..

    The one tattoo I had on my ankle was covered by a bigger tattoo that I now don’t want. Whatever you do, don’t just walk into your local tattoo place and say.. “what ya got?!!” and get one.. think about it. But do go in and ask what colors you can use to cover up the green. If I’m not mistaken, green is a hard color to cover up easily. So at least, go in and find out what colors you are able to work with for your new tattoo.

    Good luck!!


    i have a chinese symbol on my neck and it stands for hope so get something that has a meaning to it

    adrienne v

    i do not have one and i do not think that having tattoos it is OK as long as the place is clean that you go to


    michelle branch has a single music note on her shoulder blade…it looked kind of cool.

    for me whatever it is i want one large one on my back.

    people always say dont because it will look ugly when im old but who cares ill be old lol. plus i wont be able to see it anyways.

    i still dont know what i want of it. maybe a big dragon but thats kind of played out.

    knowing my dumb@$$ ill end up getting darth vader on there lol.

    i will not get a tat until i find one that im truly happy with. i want to it mean something not just something that looks cool.

    I’m Danyell’s Wife!

    ? I have one tattoo… its of a heart with a little vine with leaves… its sorta hard to explain, but its there. Its a very small one because it was my first one and I was a chicken… it took me over 2 years to talk myself into getting one… Lolz… it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

    ? For my second tattoo I wanna get a tribute to my cousin who passed away. We were close and I miss him more each day that goes buy. This August will be 2 years since he’s been gone. I havent decided on the design of the tattoo yet, because like you I wanna make sure that its perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ? As for ideas for you… you since you like movies you could get a little “movie reel” and inside have the japanese symbols for family & happiness and maybe a music note for your love of music. I think that would be kewl… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good Luck!


    i have 3 and i’d suggest you just tell your tattoo artist how you are and what he would suggest. worked everytime for me.

    just me

    yeah, i’m all for tatoos. i think i want one, but i’m not sure. i’ll have to think about it for a while. i think a heart on your hip would be cool.

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