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    i got tattoo on myhip four days ago, ive been i think over moisturising it, this morning i woke up and it has all these white areas on it , like as if some parts of it havent been tattooed i dont think its infected but its still very dry and is very bumpy , is it possible tha theink fell off or is it going to get better in a few days , i am using vaseline 4 times a day and i have cut down on the over moisturising, anything i could do to make it heal faster and the black come back ?
    its also very red around it and the tattoo looks lower than the rest of my skin , has a tugging burning sensation too


    I had a tattoo done yesterday and the tattooist advised me not to use vaseline. He sed to wash it with warm soapy water 3 times a day and apply antiseptic cream (A little bit rubbed in well) E45 / Savlon.
    Hope your tattoo works out for you .

    darren p

    preperation h is the best stuff if your pulling your scabs your gonna lose color just get it filled when it has healed


    dont pick at it its only one day mango or bepanthen for about 2 weeks works well


    Vasaline used to be the norm many years ago, the artists only use it to plug up so the inks don’t get mixed while in the skin and to stop bleeding a little also. I wouldn’t use vasaline these days as we are much more knowledgable about the healing process. Using vasaline will stop the air getting to it temporarily and then just dry it right out, really quickly, hence the scabbing. I perosnally use a combination of clingfilm and Vitamin E, never together though you don’t want to trap anything under the film, I heal completely within in a week with this method.
    Whatever lotion you use on your tattoo, less is more and just get it rubbed in gently, let it do its job.


    Its best to apply a thin layer of Bepanthane when it drys out…. Make sure not to pick the scab…. it will slowly fall off as the body grows new skin….. as this happens the colours etc will come through

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