Ok. I had a small tattoo yesterday. It’s only my second one. It’s a star behind my ear. Basically, my nerves got the better of me, and I didn’t notice that the tattooist had done the wrong one before it was too late. He gave me a 6 pointed star instead of a 5 pointed star. I really like the way it’s so small and delicate, so a cover up isn’t really an option. I don’t want anything bigger over it, just my penta! And its going to be pretty impossible to turn 6 points to 5 without losing how delicate it is. I was wondering, if I leave it to scab over and then pick at it, I know it won’t all come off but maybe enough will to work the right star there instead? I know it might scar but I’d prefer to have a scar than this tattoo – a 5 pointer has a personal meaning, whereas a 6 pointer means nothing to me. I know the easiest way is a cover up but I’ve worked the drawing and it’s really not going to be an option I’m happy with.I know it’s easily covered but I want the right one!
    Any advice? x
    Ps – can any of you tell me what you would think if you saw someone with a hexagram tattoo? It’s similar to the star of David, but the lines don’t overlap. What would you think it meant?

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    You shouldnt pick tattoos because it can lead to infections, injury to the surface of the skin or even blood poisoning. Just accept that you got a tattoo done and let it grow on you and then see if you like it, put moisturising cream on daily to lift the scabs naturally. Then if you dont like it once its healed then get laser removal or have that tattoo you’ve always wanted on another part of your body.


    You’re not going to be able to pick off one point of the star. All you’ll do is end up making your 6 pointed star look worse.

    My advice….pay closer attention next time and leave the one you have alone.

    edit: If I saw a hexagram I’d think that it had some personal meaning to you OR for some reason, I keep thinking some Satanic message..(no offense-just what came to mind)

    But I’d probably just ask because I’m like that.

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    omg….ur artist didn’t let u look at the placement of the tat before they started? i know u were nervous but u always wanna see how it looks before they ink u. by doing that u could of also noticed that they picked the wrong design.

    u should have told the artist that that is not what u asked for as soon as u looked at it when it was done (assuming u didn’t). he could have tried to reason with u on offering lazer removal or something else to fix the problem and do the tat that u actually wanted. he dosen’t want his name tarnished or the shop so i bet he would have been nice to u to avoid lawsuites……however since u didn’t speak up there is no case or disagreements…..but i would not pick the scab or do anything to the tat until it heals. u dont want to make the problem worse (infection or scarring). get the star u wanted on the other ear and think of something small but meaningful to add to the 6-pointer, otherwise seek lazer removal.


    Dont Ever Ever Ever Pick Your Scap Of A Tattoo… It Going To Look Cracked And The Ink Is Going To Look Horrible And U Will Havea Scar!!! Trust Me.. If Your Feel The Need To Itch It Scratch Around It And It Just Means Its Getting Dry Put Sum A&d Ointment On It Or Wash It Alittle Bit With Dial Anti Bactiaral Soap…


    Don’t pick that scab! it may lead to infection, the only way you can remove the extra point is with laser surgey.

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    No, don’t pick it!


    Don’t pick it!

    (going for the Thread necromancer points)


    Never pick it.. EVER. My tattoo didn’t heal properly since I got a tattoo coverup that was tatted over 3 sessions. It scabbed a bit more than my others before I could put more and more A & D ointment or any type of ointments, so it scabbed tons.

    When it got wet in the shower, I patted it and the scabs pealed off. Needless to say, it ripped the ink out of my arm now I have scars on my arms on where the ink is. It is now 6 months and the scar is slowly healing before I go back to get it ALL TOUCHED UP ALL OVER AGAIN to fix it, which would be another 2 hour job just to fix.

    Instead of having my half sleeve tattoo all done for vacation, I don’t even want to pull my shirt off only because I know my tattoo needs fixed still so I could just imagine what picking it would do.



    I associate six pointed star with star of david or christmas. Maybe I’m missing something but I thought the pentagram star was the one associated with the occult (however wrongly)

    Even if you do pick a bit off the star will be weirdly shaped, not to mention infections and scarring.

    Either laser it, or, as an alternative, make it a 12 point star (fill in extra points between the ones you have, like in the link)


    Then you dont have to worry about associations and it’s your star.

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    that suck, next time make sure it’s right first!


    It’s a three year old thread and the OP only visited that one time to post it and never again to read. I assume that means it was an ad bot 🙂

    What I wonder though, how could anyone imagine that just scraping off one arm of a six-armed star, could make it a pentagram. Does pulling one of the arms off somehow magically even out the spacing between the remaining 5? 😮

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